How To Perform Drain Pipe Inspection With Camera

Gone are the days when sewerage issues and problems required digging up your whole yard or changing the whole pipeline and drainage system, only to find out that the problem was small. But how else can you find out what is causing issues in your sewerage pipes? There is no other way, right? Wrong. Technology has developed and advanced a lot. You can now reach the exact root cause of the problem and its exact place without digging or tearing up your yard. How? Through a camera with the help of an expert drain cleaning service. You need space to send your camera in the pipeline and check what is causing severe problems in your drainage system.

How To Know Your Sewerage Line Has Problems?

There are many ways to determine that your main plumbing lines have sewerage issues:

  • You have multiple clogs in your drain and that is determined by slow moving drain and water in your sinks and drains.
  • Smelly sinks and smell from the drains specially in your kitchen and washrooms.
  • Your yard is constantly soaked up in water and you can smell your bathroom smells in your yard or garden.
  • Water backups from your sink and drains when you use the flush.
  • Gurgling sounds of water from the sinks and toilet.
  • When you face any of these issues then surely your drainage system and plumbing has problems.

How Does The Camera Inspection Work?

Once you are sure of the issues in your sewerage pipelines, then you will need to call in an expert plumber. He will come equipped with all the necessities and will assess your drainage lines by opening the taps in the washrooms and kitchen.

He will then go to the main drainage line and set up the wires and drain inspection camera. He will then see the pipe to insert the camera. If there is no space then he will make a small space. He will then snake the camera in the pipeline. The camera is specialized to travel through minute spaces and is controlled by the technician who through the small motors installed in it turns and twists the camera inside the pipeline. They will make sure to insert it from the place where there is an underlying problem.

The camera also has lights which are controlled by the technician and he turns them on so you and the technician can see clearly what’s going on inside the pipes. The sewerage camera will show a video of the insides of the pipeline or will record the whole thing. Either way you will get to know the root cause of the problem.

Problems And Solutions

There may be many problems:

  • The tree roots might have started to grow inside the pipelines causing an obstruction in the drainage. So, this can be cured by hydro pressure cleaning or sending root killing chemicals down the drain or use rooting machines.
  • There may be a huge clog which can be cleaned through specialized drain snake and chemicals which will act directly on the clog.
  • Or there may be a leak or a crack which is causing water to eliminate. These can be fixed by resin cast in place pipes and be resealed.

Why Go For A Camera Inspection?

The answer is pretty obvious. Apart from using the latest camera technology, you only have the option to spend a lot of your money to dig the whole yard and then get it repaired. The camera saves your money, time and hassle. Imagine getting your yard digged, then getting repairs done and then building the whole yard again. The camera will reach directly at the site of the problem and you only have to cure that area. In fact, the camera will not only identify the main problem but also many other problems which are not even beginning to show yet.

The camera is the latest technology and is being used widely now. It has the benefit of being affordable and time saving. However, you should not do the camera inspection yourself because you don’t have the experience to perform the task. Hire a drain contractor Tyarrytown to visit your place with the necessary tools and equipment for camera inspection.

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