What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Bruxism

Sleep clinics explains bruxism as a sleep disorder when you grind your teeth while sleeping or you can unconsciously do that even when you are awake. It doesn’t require much attention if it is mild but it really needs to be checked if it is severe and frequent.

Things to learn about sleep disorders

In fact, if you ignore it for longer time then it might lead to other medical issues making the situation more complicated. Most commonly, you develop dental complications with headaches and anxiety if not considered bruxism as a disorder that needs to be taken care of properly. For that, sleep centers have shared some really common symptoms and causes of Bruxism to spread awareness among people so they can seek consultation at right time instead of just ignoring the facts. Let’s discuss them one by one to know more in detail.

Symptoms of sleep disorders

  • Teeth grinding in louder volumes which also disturbs other people sleeping in your room.
  • Pain in jaw muscles – feeling them to be tired and tight every time
  • Mouth, neck and facial pain
  • Headaches
  • Sleep disruption
  • Pain and sensitivity in teeth – increasing with time
  • Ear ache – just an uncomforted feeling in your ear while it has nothing to do with your ear
  • Worn out of tooth enamel by exposing deeper layers of your teeth
  • Fractured teeth which looks flattened and chipped
  • Locked jaw or limited jaw movement
  • Sore gums and jaws
  • Pain in cheeks area by chewing anything

If you experience any of the above symptoms, then immediately visit your nearest sleep clinic and seek advice from your doctor if you need some care and precautions or you need proper treatment. Also, you show know that the rate of this disorder is found to be more in children and it may start as soon as the children pop out their teeth for the first time. However, some adults may also have this disorder while most of them claims to have it continued since their childhood days.

Causes of Bruxism

Though the real cause of bruxism is still unknown but the studies are still going on in sleep centers to reach the root cause. Usually it is said to be caused by some associated factors like psychological, physical or may be genetic issues. If you are experiencing it while you are awake, then it is probably due to anger or anxiety issues while if it is happening during sleep then it could be associated with be some other sleep disorder. However, below are some common causes which might lead to this terrible disorder of bruxism.

  1. Stress and Anxiety

Any state of such emotional trauma may lead to teeth grinding situation, i.e. stress, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration and so on. Though everyone experiences these emotional states but some people take it more seriously which ultimately affects their health and sleep disorder.

  1. Aggressive Personality

If you have aggressive personality, then it is very much possible to develop bruxism. Studies done in sleep clinics shows that the aggression and hyperactive nature are key factors to develop this disorder.

  1. Family History

If you have a family history of bruxism to occur during night time, then there is a risk for you as well to develop the disorder.

  1. Medication

You may also get it as a side effect of some other medicines that you are taking for any other treatment. Most commonly, medicines used for psychiatric issues tend to have side effects of causing bruxism while anti-depressants and recreational drugs are also having this side effects.

  1. Alcohol or Caffeine Intake

Consuming alcohol or caffeinated beverages before going to sleep also increase the risk of causing bruxism. That is why every doctor strictly forbid to consume alcohol especially during night time.

  1. Smoking Tobacco

It is same like consuming alcohol before sleeping, smoking tobacco does the same job if you do that before sleeping. It is strictly advised not to practice these things at least three hours before sleeping.

  1. Hallucinations

If you experience this state of mind or any of such psychological problems, then the chances for developing bruxism are very high.

  1. Other Sleep Disorders

Sleep centers md claims to develop high chances of bruxism if you are having any other sleep disorders due to the association between them.

10 Ways To Make Thin Hair Look Thick

According to a study, over 25% of men above thirties consider getting a hair transplant surgery from a hair transplantation clinic because their hair is thinning and falling off.

Make thin hair appear thicker

You can add volume to your hair and fulfill your longing of having thick hair by following these tips.

  1. Don’t Use Hard Detergents

Hard detergents can be very damaging for your thin hair. They include sulfates that cut through grease and you need some type of oil in your head all the time. Dry hair can be a cause of hair loss and make your hair look even thinner. Use shampoos that are made for thin hair to keep the chemical levels on the low and avoiding hair transplantation.

  1. Use Thickening Shampoo

You will need to invest in hair products that promote hair thickness. Choose the hair shampoo and conditioner that aids hair growth. They will help strengthen your hair. Read the shampoo packages carefully and research on the internet. Remember to use conditioner before shampoo to lock out humidity from your scalp and keeping it moisturized.

  1. Use Comb Instead of a Brush

Brushes are hard on your hair and with more strokes, your thin hair will not withstand their brutality and will result hair fall. After taking a shower, use your fingers or a comb between your hair while blow drying it to remove the water from the strands. This works because you lift the roots of your hair with blow drying and pulling your hair outwards. The heat works on the roots, strengthening them and causing them to grow in good quantity but if you overstretch or overheat the hair, they may not give the desired result. It may take all the elasticity out and cause them to break. Be gentle while drying your hair.

  1. Use Volume Spray

Volume spray does what its name suggests; it adds volume, or maybe make it look fuller. This spray contains polymers that coat your hair and make them look fuller. Using it before going out is recommended.

  1. Styling Your Hair in Waves

Wavy hair makes your hair look thicker instantly. Use heat protection spray on your hair and go for the wavy look with your curler. It will add more width and the texture will make your hair look thick.

  1. Using a Round Brush

If you have thin hair, use a round brush. The round brush makes your hair look thick due to the shape they create. Brush your hair downwards to produce a C-shape and curling it through the ends. This will straighten and volumize your hair.

  1. Be Careful On Hair Color

Thin hair usually doesn’t have a lot of strength in them to bear heavy chemicals from hair products. You need to be careful while getting new hair color to not to overdo and not do it regularly. Bleach can seriously affect the density of your hair. Even if you have thick hair, to begin with, too much hair color can thin them out and may even because hair loss and you might have to get hair transplant surgery to get your former look back.

  1. Change Your Parting Style

If you part your hair at one side, try switching the parting and if you part your hair through the middle, part your hair sideways. Parting your hair to their unusual side lifts the roots. It is an instant thickening boost. You can add volume spray or powder to the parted side to increase the growth of the lift.

  1. Wear Your Hair Short

Short to medium hair is ideal for people who have thin hair. The reason is that long hair is heavier, and they can cause the hair to weigh itself down. If this happens, your hair can be even thinner than they are already.

  1. Deep Cleansing

Taking care of your hair will decrease the chances of hair loss and lesser chances of getting hair transplantation. Deep cleansing your hair is the best care you can provide. The hair traps the products you have used in the past to the scalp. Use a cleansing shampoo and apply them directly to the scalp to remove any buildups from the products.

These tips will help you take care of your thin hair, making them look thicker and giving you less reason to go for a hair transplant rockville md due to less hair fall.

7 Kitchen Countertop Design Trends Of 2019

In the year 2018 the granite countertop companies and the granite installers were in highest demand for granite for kitchen countertops. Granite is the hardest materials as well as stain scratch resistant, which makes it the best choice for your kitchen countertops.

Things to know about latest Countertop Design Trends

But with the advent of the year 2019, the granite countertop companies and the granite installers should settle down as there are many changes in trends and new designs in kitchen countertops are blooming. Let’s look what 2019 has in store for your kitchen countertops.

Top kitchen countertop options

  1. Quartz Is Here Stay

When granite countertop companies are bragging about the qualities of granite, you should tell them that however great granite is, it is porous. This means that all the liquids can permeate easily inside the countertops which may cause bacteria. You can treat this issue by getting it sealed annually, but that would require maintenance and care and the sealing will eventually start to wear off. In this case quartz comes to the rescue as it is also very hard and also non-porous and people are generally shifting towards quartz.

  1. Natural Stone

Natural stone is also in trend for kitchen countertops for the upcoming year. Natural stone give a very vintage yet contemporary look. It is a blend of ancient mixed with modern and looks very elite. Natural stone is also very hard and scratch resultant and also low maintenance, but you will have to get it sealed every year to protect the surface form spills and other liquids.

  1. Tiles

You would have used tiles on your floors and also on your bathroom and kitchen walls but now they are going to set the stage on your kitchen countertops. With wide variety of designs, colors and textures to choose form, tiles are very much a preference for your modern kitchen countertops as it gives a unique look and an aesthetic appeal.

  1. Reclaimed Wood

Wood is also becoming a highly popular choice because of the shift towards natural designs and textures. Wood gives a rustic appeal and a new look to your kitchen. Also, as compared to quartz, granite and marble, wood is a naturally sustainable materials so it is quite environment friendly. There are many types of naturally colored wood available, so you have a choice of choosing your preference colors, patterns and designs in wood.

  1. High definition Laminate

Laminate was initially used for kitchen cabinets but now they are an essential part of your kitchen countertops. Laminate is basically a hardboard and a resin impregnated sheet which make sit sturdy and hard. It is affordable as well as comes in hundreds of designs, colors and patterns. You can also imitate the look of granite and quartz. The shine and look of laminate is really good and gives your kitchen countertop a smooth finish.

  1. Poured Concrete Countertops

When you hear of concrete, immediately the roadside pavements come to your mind, but concrete in kitchen countertops is beyond that and quite amazing. When you know that concrete is poured and made by hand, then you also know that it can be made into any design, color, shape and pattern. So there are endless possibilities.

Nowadays, concrete is used to imitate the natural granite, quartz and marble. You can choose any shade and design from the internet, even the ones you could only dream of and concrete could be made into that. However, you will also need proper care and maintenance for your concrete as it is not heat and scratch resistant so never place your hot pans and pots on the countertop and use very sharp knives on it. You can also paint on the concrete and also create a unique mosaic type of countertop and get it properly sealed.

  1. Solid Glass

If you would like to splurge and be unique then solid glass countertops are for you. These can be created till 1.5-meter-thick and will not be cracked or chipped with regular use. These will be the most exquisite type of kitchen countertops in the year 2019. This will make your kitchen look elite and sophisticated. So in 2019, it is recommended for the granite installers chantilly va to start installing other countertops as well.