What Are The Different Balayage Techniques

The most attractive thing a woman can do to their hair is highlight them with balayage hair highlight. Walking into a balayage hair salon and asking for a cool hair highlighting method is the way to go.

Most hairstylists in balayage hair salons use different techniques to apply the hair color. This article is to make you aware of the different techniques that are used.

Why Choose Balayage?

First thing that may come to your mind is that why go for balayage when you have normal highlighting techniques. Well, balayage hair technique is faster, more efficient and long lasting than normal highlights. Furthermore, this hair highlighting is customized for each individual differently according to their hair type i.e. thickness, length and strength.

Different Application Techniques of Balayage

Different application methods used by balayage hair salons have different results however, each of them is flawless in their own way. Here is how different methods are applied.

  1. Open-Air

In this technique brush or hand is used to apply the hair treatment to get a Smokey, blonde base on your hair. Hand and brush techniques are used in this, applied from back all the way to the front. An area is left that is supposed to be shadowy and it creates a nice shady, gradient like effect. A toothpaste like thick lightener is used. The formula is thick, so it doesn’t drip from the hair. Then your head is wrapped to retain the heat and is left for 30-40 minutes.

If your hair are already blonde, a purple balayage hair highlights is used so that the brassy effect is removed.

  1. Semi Closed or Partial

This technique is used to make hair looks soft and natural. This technique involves having your hair strands wrapped around with films; a professional product used in hair balayage salons. The color is applied to the parts of your hair that are needed to be colored and not the whole head.

  1. Closed

This technique involves having your hair that are needed to be colored wrapped around gently in the desired color foils. This technique is used for people who have dark hair. Mostly popular in the East where the hair color is usually dark. Another name that it holds is “shatush.”

  1. Palm Painting

Palm painting is a fairly new technique that is considered as a cousin of balayage. Balayage technique involves the use of brushes to paint your hair whilst palm painting is done by hand. The hairstylist will apply the paint to his hand and have your hairs straight dropping down. Then the hairstylist will apply the pain solely with his hand. This technique is fairly easy and rather new. This provides a more natural look for the clients and allows the stylist to have a free hand.

  1. Brochaying or Bross

This is another balayage technique that isn’t that common. It involves in the application of the paint to the individual V sections of the hair where the color is to be painted. This technique is done very carefully so consider going to the hair balayage salon to get your hair done by this technique.

  1. Chrocheting

Chrocheting is almost similar to brochaying. The difference is that chrocheting involves in the division of the V section depending on the length of the hair. The division is not equal; some are bigger, some are smaller but the paint that goes in them is the same. The color is diffused with a dry brush afterwards, so it is smoother.

  1. Combing Balayage

Combing balayage is another technique for the hair highlighting. This have the hair stylist have his brush barely dipped in the paint. Just the tip of the brush is used in this technique. The paint is applied to the v shaped section in a narrow horizontal pattern. Afterwards a very small amount of feathering is done to smooth out the edges.

  1. DIY Techniques

To get the results of balayage it is not necessary to visit a balayage hair salon. You can do it yourself in the comfort of your house. All you need are the right tools, ingredients, gloves, conditioner and a free style painting hand and lightener to apply after.

Balayage hair highlight Rockville and its different techniques are famous all over the world and you can choose from variety of them.

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