3 Reasons Why Love At First Sight Is Totally Untrue

People who profess to have fallen in love at first sight are deceiving themselves or are oblivious to the true definition of love. Love is intimate. You cannot throw around ‘I love you’ because it is not just an emotion or feeling, there is more to it.

Love at first sight

Just because you think about someone more often doesn’t mean you are soul mates or that you are in love. This is called attraction which has chances of being faded eventually. Love is an unseen, metaphysical connection of souls, which is free from bodily attractions. Loving someone means embracing their flaws, loving each and every crack and imperfection, every aspect of that person. Love means acceptance, you cannot accept a person without knowing him. Therefore, the idea of love at first sight sounds unreal. There is a possibility of liking someone but love my friends is a profound notion. Without knowledge of a person, it’s purely desire or lust.

Love and lust

People who assume things like love at first sight are actually living in a fantasy world, where they try to relate actual events to their fantasies. I am not against people who confess such things, but to put some brains into you, you can have lust at first sight or feel a chemistry with time, but not love a person.

Here are the reasons why I believe love at first sight to be a claptrap.

  1. A Terrible Idea

Love is a profound sentiment which ties two souls into an invisible knot. You cannot figure out that connection or feel the knot within seconds or with a glance. It is deep-rooted and requires nurturing. To put it in simple words, do great things happen in an instant effortlessly? No! It requires time.

  1. People Who Confess Such Things Are Living In Fantasy

The conventional idea of falling in love at first sight is what today’s generation is looking for. The materialistic world has forced us to search hopelessly for a single ray of hope that true love exists, let alone love at first sight. It is because of this shorting in today’s time that we buy the conventional stories and believe in them. You can get attracted definitely, but helloooo! You are miles away from love.

  1. Love And Sight Are Two Different Ends Of The World

Love doesn’t require the efforts of sight. It is felt. It takes a little time and significant interaction for love to develop.

We can’t pinpoint people just across the road, claiming we love them. If love were such an easy thing to happen between two people, it would have lost its value by now. Acquiring true love is difficult. When you overhear anyone talking about love at first sight, do not judge them or confront them. Underestimate neither yourself as insensitive or them as stupid. These are just fairy tale stories people love to tell themselves forgetting that the stories they read had time to grow! But yes, if you find true love, make sure you don’t let it go!

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