5 Questions To You Should Ask When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Getting a new kitchen countertop will turn from decision to a problem real quick when you see the amount of options you have at hand. And if it is your first time choosing a countertop, then you might not even consider what are the right questions you ought to be asking granite countertop installers to save you the trouble of getting the wrong countertop. Whether you have your eye out for marble countertop or a granite countertop, there are still a lot of other things to consider other than the material of the countertop that you are going to buy.  Here are some questions that you must consider when buying a countertop.

What type of countertop will suit your needs?

Countertops come in many types. Most popular being marble, quartz, and granite. Some are easy to stain, but have a remarkable strength. Another being a little more non-porous than the rest, but susceptible to etching. They all have their cons and pros alike. You just need to figure out the suitable most countertop to suffice your needs.

The options you have countertops are given as follows:

Laminate: Bubbled Formica laminate are in fact fairly outdated but they don’t come in that form anymore, so you don’t have to worry about them being out of date when you buy them

Marble: Marble is just as much of a popular option like granite, but there are certain drawbacks to the classic old marble too. The prime one being that it is highly sustainable to stains and etching and don’t come easily.

Quartz: Quartz is an alternative for granite, when you have a little more extra cash in your pockets and are looking for a long lasting countertop. Granite installers find quartz countertops far easier to install too.

How are you going to use your countertop?

The next essential question you should be asking yourself is how the countertop is going to be used. If you are having trouble deciding the type of countertop that you are going to be needing then this question will help narrow down the choices you have. For instance if you have kids who show their interest in kitchen or use the countertop to bring out their artistic aptitude, then you must go for a marble worktop, which are easier to clean than granite countertops that are more susceptible to stains and are difficult to get them off.

How much effort are you willing to put in the maintenance of your countertops?

Granite countertop installers will tell you that granite and quartz countertops require periodic sealing to make it easier for you to clean to make them stain resistant. For granite countertops sealing is absolutely necessary, however for quartz countertops sealing can be delayed for a year or two and it will still look fairly maintained. Regular cleaning in inevitable with soap water to prevent any dirt or spill stains on the countertop. For wood countertops, you need to oil it at least twice a year to maintain it shiny appearance and keeping it from going dull.

What are you requirements?

If you have decided upon how you are going to be using your countertop but now you are stuck with two different options because there are going to be more than just a single countertop. For instance, if you have island kitchen design. Then you must consider how the center countertop is going to be used and the adjacent alike. Although, a similar countertop will look more elegant and chic, but choosing a different material for countertops is a fashion of its own. You can opt for a wooden center countertop while going for a granite or marble for the adjacent countertops.

How much budget would be okay?

This is one of the most crucial questions that you must consider unless you have a lot of money to spare. We are talking of about $250 for top grade marble countertops Raleigh NC. Granite countertops are much cheaper than quartz countertops, but are more porous and less strong. It is not wise to completely rely on your budget when choosing a countertop, for it is a decision you are going to live with for a long time. A wrong countertop can cost you more than what you expected. Thus choose a countertop that may or may not be a little out of your budget but will readily suffice your needs and promise your satisfaction.

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