7 Things We Like About Quartz Countertops

One of the major reasons why quartz installer insists upon its installation in our homes is its uniqueness and intricacy. Quartz is believed to be the best natural stone for your kitchen or bathroom. A countertop must always be sturdy, stylish and trendy and Quartz is all about that.

Quartz countertops: Why are they popular?

The reasons why we adore Quartz countertops so much are listed below.

  1. Available At Reasonable Prices

It is almost possible for anyone to get a quartz countertop in his/her home without giving away most of the savings. Marble and Quartz are two convincingly best natural stones that look alike and that is part of a huge reason why people choose Quartz countertop over Marble. Buying for your counter can save you a lot of money because its price is between $40 and $100 which is incredibly lesser than half of the stones in the market. Stop waiting around and call your quartz installer in right now.

  1. Quartz Has the Appearance of Natural Stone

If a material resembles natural stone 100 percent and gives you the best outcome then there is no way you are not installing it in your home. Quartz hugely bears resemblance to Granite, Marble, Limestone, Soapstone etc. It is a stone that is manufactured in the factory and thus has the same patterns of veins all over. The color and pattern make its outlook decent and extremely refined.

  1. Safest Stone In Terms of Chemicals

There are a ton of other natural stones that emit chemicals eventually adding impurities to the environment. For a human being living with that, is not even remotely acceptable. Luckily, Quartz is not one of those stones, it is chemically inert and doesn’t have anything to offer to the environment except for a good breathable space. If you have been facing issues with the quality of your indoor air then get in contact with quartz countertop contractors right away.

  1. Quartz Does Not Need Heavy Maintenance

Have you been tired of working too late at night scrubbing off the stains and cleaning off the dirt of your counter? We have a way around for that! Get yourself a suitable quartz installer and immediately achieve freedom from daily maintenance tasks. Quartz does not require regular cleanup sessions because of its incredible manufacture properties. It is a stone that is completely sealed at the surface. There is no space for any bacteria, germ or dirt to reside inside of it as a result of which you get to go to bed without wasting time on its waxing, polishing or sealing. However, natural stone may keep you in bounds for all the work it puts you through.

  1. The Styles Are Too Dramatic

If you really thought that Quartz is too boring for a kitchen then you were absolutely wrong! Quartz has the best variety of colors and patterns in store for you. The incredible flecks add to the beauty and glamour of this precious stone making your place spark up. Quartz is specially manufactured to achieve a sophisticated, elegant and attractive look. To check out which color and pattern suit your home the best call quartz countertop contractors right now!

  1. Quartz Has a Flattering Work Surface

Despite of all the kitchen labor, countertops are also used for other purposes like ironing clothes or in the bathroom etc. This feature of Quartz makes is significantly unique from other natural stones because its hard surface can resist almost anything. From heat to cracks, it is all in all the best material for a countertop. The reason for its hard appearance is the presence of 66% organic minerals while 33% inorganic resins in its composition.

  1. Quartz Has an Undoubtedly the Best Durability

When it comes to durability, Quartz must always be your first priority. Because of chemical-inert and hard nature, it doesn’t react to force or slight heat very harshly. It has the power to sustain and endure which makes it more reliable than any other natural stone. The non-porous surface doesn’t let juices like lemon, tomato, oil, coffee etc leave a stain on its surface thus making it stable and consistent. It doesn’t harbor bacteria or any sort of virus which makes it immune to decomposition.

If you have finally changed your mind and considered all the facts about the benefits of Quartz countertop then ring quartz countertop contractors potomac right now!

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