Dos and Don’ts of Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are popular as ever. And as they are easy to use and put on, their popularity is not going to slow down anytime soon. So, if you’d like to preserve your investment and the quality of these luscious locks, protecting their health should be your priority or else your visits to salons that do hair extensions will be frequent.

Just some simple changes and your extensions will keep looking gorgeous for longer than normal. Here’s our list of dos and don’ts.

Do Proper Research

Following the versatility of clip-in hair extensions, there’s a good chance you might end up picking the wrong option if you don’t research beforehand. Therefore, you must do proper research before getting yourself these extra locks.

Also, research about the extensions you get yourself. No matter whether they’re synthetic or human hair extensions, you must know ways to take care of them.

Do Get Your Hairstylist’s Input

If you want your hair extensions to last long, the first thing you should do is select good-quality clip-in extensions. And of course, with the plethora of options available, you can get scammed easily.

Therefore, you must get your hairstylist’s input. They’ll let you know the best options for your hair and hair type.

Do Brush Your Hair Extensions Frequently

You must keep your hair extensions untangled if you don’t want them to wear out soon. Brush your clip-in hair extensions as frequently as possible, such as brushing them before you wear them, before and after sleeping, after you remove them, and in general whenever you feel like they need to be brushed.

Always brush the ends of your extensions first and then work yourself upwards. Do hold the base of your hair extensions while de-tangling them along the length. This will help your hair avoid extra pressure from brushing the tangles.

Moreover, always brush your extensions downwards when they’re completely dried. You can also use some serum after you’ve brushed your hair extensions to lock in the shine and moisture.

Use brushes specially made to brush hair extensions. Or in general go for the wide-tooth, wood combs.

Do Use Mild, Silicone-Free Shampoos

Just like you need to protect your natural hair from alcohol, silicon, and sulfur-containing products, the same amount of care is needed for your clip-in extensions as well. It’s best to use a mild, organic shampoo when washing your extra locks.

And don’t forget to lock in the hydration by using a conditioner. Then, let your hair air dry. For blow drying, don’t forget to use a heat protectant.

Do Let Your Extensions Dry Thoroughly

Never store, sleep with, or brush your hair extensions when they’re wet. Let your extensions dry thoroughly. But, don’t try to force dry them by setting your hair dryer’s heat to the highest. Let them air dry.

If you try to brush your hair extensions when they’re still damp, this will weaken the connection area and cause breakage. Also, sleeping with wet hair extensions will do the same amount of damage.

Note: Don’t wear your hair extensions when they’re wet and air dry them, as this will only cause frizz.

Do Use A Nice Pillow Case

Clip-in hair extensions are versatile and the newer ones allow you to sleep with them on. However, you need to be careful because you do not want to pull on your natural hair.

There are many tips for that, such as brushing your hair properly before you sleep or tying it in a loose braid. But, there’s no comparison of a satin or silk pillowcase. It’ll be gentle on your hair and won’t catch or tug on your extensions.

Note: Alternatively, you can also use silk scarves or satin sleep caps.

Don’t Wash Your Hair With Clip-In Hair Extensions In

We don’t recommend washing your hair with any type of temporary hair extensions. Or you will be left with a big tangled mess. Also, washing your hair with clip-ins will lead to too much pulling on your natural hair.

Therefore, avoid putting shampoo in your hair with extensions in. You can simply remove them. Or use a shower cap to prevent getting your clip-in hair extensions wet.

Don’t Wash The Extensions Too Often

Wash your clip-in hair extensions only when required. Don’t overdo or underdo it. Hair extensions cannot produce the oils to nourish themselves. Excessive or regular washing will dry them out. You can tell when the hair wash is required by their feel or look.

It is usually after the product buildup. Or when the pollution and dust get caught in your hair extensions. Also, do not over shampoo or scrub your extensions. Just scrubbing the scalp is ok.

Don’t Try To Bleach Or Color Your Extensions

We strongly recommend not using any color or bleach on your clip-in hair extensions unless you don’t value money. Clip-in hair extensions are generally already dyed to match all different hair shades and bleaching them further will only call for damage.

You must not try anything like that, especially without professional help. Also, you’re only allowed to go 2-3 shades darker with professional help and never lighter. However, as clip-in hair extensions are temporary and you can easily take them off, you can remove them and then get your hair dyed at a balayage salon Potomac.

Don’t Use Extensions If You’re Experiencing Hair Fall

Keep in mind that hair extensions will put a toll on your already weakened hair strands. So, never clip-in extensions, when you’re experiencing hair fall, especially in conditions like alopecia.

Though it’s obvious, many still do that just to add length and volume to their falling hair. However, we strongly do not recommend that, as the health of your natural hair should be your priority. And using extensions will only worsen your conditions.

Talk to your hairstylist or dermatologist for more personalized advice.

Don’t Wear Your Hair Down In A Pool Or To The Gym

As per professional hair stylists, you cannot be a pool babe and hair girlie at the same time. Getting your hair in chlorine is just calling for mess and damage. Better wear a pool cap or don’t wear your hair down.

And if by chance, you get your hair extensions wet in the pool, rinse them immediately. Or your hair will swell, leaving you tangled.

Moreover, before leaving for the gym, better leave your clip-in extensions at home. Or wear your hair in a loose braid. Never let your extensions soak in sweat and dry, as this will call for frizz. Rinse them off with water after a hard workout day.

Don’t Choose Low-Quality Hair Extensions

It’s all about the quality of hair extensions you’ve chosen that determines how long they will last. So, do not overlook that. Consult your hairstylist or dermatologist for the best options that’ll suit your hair type. It might be expensive but for sure is a worthy, one-time investment. Human hair extensions last longer and they dry out that easily.


Clip-in hair extensions are easy to put on and remove. However, remember these dos and don’ts to make the most of them. The most important do is to get clip-in extensions from a hair extensions salon Potomac you trust.

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