How To Switch From An Oil Furnace To Gas?

Oil and gas furnaces have remained a popular choice for households over the years. But with the continuous increase in oil prices around the world, people are switching from oil furnaces to gas. As complicated as it might seem, the conversion is easy if you hire furnace services who follow the steps correctly. Here are oil to gas conversion tips along with their benefits.

Choose Between Natural Gas Or Propane

When it comes to converting an oil furnace to gas, the first thing you need to do is choose between natural gas or propane. Homeowners tend to confuse the two and assume both are the same. However, natural gas and propane are different from each other.

Converting to natural gas is relatively popular as it is readily available. Utility companies provide natural gas to homes through pipelines installed underground. This is the primary reason natural gas conversion continues to be a popular option.

On the other hand, some people prefer propane over natural gas. Although it is a rare case depending on the needs and preferences, some households do not have any other option. Plus, converting to propane gas is also a lot more difficult and risky.

It is recommended that homeowners only switch to propane if natural gas conversion is not possible. Keep in mind that propane is more dangerous because it produces less heat but more harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide.

Connect Your Home To A Natural Gas Service Line

As mentioned earlier, natural gas is pumped into your house through pipes connected with the utility companies. If your neighborhood already has a natural gas service line, all you will need to do is contact the utility company to establish the connection.

If you do not have a service line installed, you will need to get it done. It is surely an expensive process but natural gas in the long run is cheaper. So, you will need to contact the utility company and ask for a quote. The quote will include everything needed to install the pipeline.

There are two types of gas lines: main and service lines. The main lines connect the entire street or neighborhood with the utility company. Whereas, the service line helps connect your home to the main line.

That said, you are going to most probably end with two options. There might be a main line but no service line to your home or there is no main or service line. Most residential neighborhoods do have a gas line in place. It’s good news if you do not have a service line only and the neighborhood has a main line. The reason is that the utility company will be able to connect your house to the main line within a few days.

However, if there is no main line, it might take weeks for the pipes to be installed. Additionally, conversion without a main line can also be very expensive. In such a situation, the neighborhood can come together and pool to bring the costs down.

Make Sure The Pipes Are Okay For Natural Gas

Next, it is time to ensure whether the pipes in your home are suitable for natural gas. If you have recently purchased a used home, there is a high chance natural gas pipes are installed. The reason is that some kitchen appliances use natural gas.

However, in the case you never used gas in your house, there may not be gas pipes. So, you will need to install the pipes first. These gas pipes will connect your household appliances to the main line coming into your house. Plus, natural gas piping is usually made using flexible steel or stiff iron pipes.

If you were thinking this is a do-it-yourself kind of job, it is not. Considering the risks involved, you should consult a qualified technician to install the pipes.

Convert Or Replace Your Natural Gas Equipment

One of the major reasons of homeowners converting to natural gas heating is the malfunctioning of their existing appliances. For instance, if you have been using electrical appliances all these years and most of them need replacement, it is better to opt for natural gas equipment as they are far cheaper.

If you are not aware of what appliances to choose, you should consult an expert. The reason is some appliances that run on both gas and electricity. This could be of benefit if either of the two is not available in your area.

Moreover, your existing oil furnace or equipment can also be converted into gas. However, there should not be any major repairs and you can get the conversion done by purchasing a conversion kit. These conversion kits allow you to remove and replace the existing part for natural gas while the rest of the body remains the same. Conversion kits are relatively easy to install but carry a lot of risks.

If you have an oil furnace, you will first need to get rid of the oil residue. Keep in mind that natural gas can create a threatening situation if it comes in contact with oil. Therefore, we recommend handing over the task to an oil to gas conversions Huntington expert who carries the skills to convert your existing oil furnace into gas.

Advantages Of Converting To Natural Gas

A huge advantage of converting to natural gas is the less cost. When compared to oil, natural gas is in abundant in the US and isn’t sourced from other countries. This decreases the cost of natural gas. So, your heating costs will decrease.

Oil prices considering the international economy and external factors tend to fluctuate a lot. This makes it difficult for many countries including the US to afford oil-based appliances and equipment.

On the other hand, oil-dependent equipment and countries also face a lot of difficulties due to oil shortages. Furthermore, burning oil harms the environment a lot more than natural gas. Natural has happened to be the cleanest fossil fuel available. Burning natural gas does not produce sulfur dioxide.

Although the burning process does produce carbon emissions they are a lot less than what would be produced by oil. In fact, several countries have decided that they will get rid of oil-consuming appliances and equipment soon to protect the environment.

As a result, some states have strict laws that govern the use of oil.

Natural Gas Pipe Installation Can Cause Disturbance

Even though it is slightly off-topic, it needs consideration. If your house does not have a service line or there is no connection established between your house and the main line, the utility company will have to put in days’ worth of labor and time to get the job done.

This can be a noisy experience and can cause a lot of disturbance especially if you have elderly people and kids living in the house. To avoid such a situation, you will need to manage a separate space for your family to move into. It could be a hotel or a friend’s place.

Make sure to choose a nearby location so that you can keep an eye on the installation process as well. Before leaving the house, make sure everything is covered so that dust and the drilling equipment do not damage anything.


Converting an oil furnace to gas can be done using a conversion kit. We suggest hiring furnace services Port Jefferson to keep it safe and secure. However, before this, you must make sure whether the existing pipes in your house can accommodate natural gas. Else, there is a risk of leakage and other dangerous situations.

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