What Are The Signs Of An Improper AC Installation

If you recently had an HVAC installed and want to whether the installation was properly done by the contractor or not, read these signs that hint at improper AC installation. In case you find out that that installation was bad, consult an air conditioning repair service to discuss your problem and have your AC installed correctly.

Ductwork Leakages

Laying out the ductwork is a critical step for HVAC installation. Your contractor will measure the area, take the correct length of the material, and fit and seal them correctly. Keep in mind that many times HVAC ductwork is not properly installed which results in leakages.

These leakages are usually not noticeable but they increase work for the AC. This is because air will leak continuously through the leaks so the AC will increase its air leaks continuously through the leaks so the AC works more to compensate for the loss of cool (or warm) air. It results in higher energy bills.

Therefore, if you notice high energy bills, you should inspect your HVAC system including the air ducts.

The Placement Of The Unit

You may think that an HVAC unit can be installed anywhere near the house where you have enough space but that’s wrong. There are good places and bad places for AC placement. A properly placed air conditioner can be efficient and safe.

The best place for your air conditioner’s outside unit is an open area outside your house where the sun exposure is less.

Keep in mind that an air conditioner should never be installed where it receives sun rays the most. Plus, avoid places like a garage or a confined space where the condenser unit doesn’t get enough room to function properly. There should be 6-12 inches of free space on either side of the condenser unit and the nearest object or wall.

Water Leakage

A water leakage indicates different problems like clogged air filters, mold growth, and worn pipes, but if your new AC is leaking water, the culprit is poor installation.

Firstly, check if your AC is leveled correctly because if it’s on an uneven surface, it can leak water. Moreover, leakage occurs in new ACs when the air conditioner and the drain pipes are correctly proportional. Poor water flow leads to water leakage.

Another reason for water leakage in new AC installations is refrigerant leakage. If the refrigerant lines aren’t fitted properly, the refrigerant will leak and you will see water leakage.

Incorrect Placement Of Thermostat

An inexperienced HVAC installer makes the mistake of installing a thermostat near the air handler or air vent. This makes the thermostat reading incorrect because when it’s too close to an air vent, it will receive cool air directly. Due to this, the thermostat will send the signal to the condenser to turn off because it will think that the desired temperature is reached. This results in your air conditioner short cycling and not cooling the home as it should.

A thermostat should be installed away from any vent or air handler so it only senses the overall temperature of the house.

Incorrect Sizing Or Load Calculations

Before the installation, an HVAC installer should perform load calculations and select the correct size of the air conditioner keeping the size of the house and the needs of the user.

However, if the HVAC unit is smaller than required, it will work excessively to meet the temperatures leading to worn-out components much sooner. On the other hand, if the HVAC unit is too big than needed, the unit will short cycle. It will also cause issues in the HVAC system.

Electrical Problems

The electrical wiring of an HVAC unit must be properly secured so they don’t become loose and cause sparks or any other issue. Moreover, inexperienced installers might use a small fuse for your AC while a bigger was needed. This will cause blowouts within a few days of using the AC. Therefore, check the fuse as well and replace it with the correct one.


An improperly installed HVAC system can increase your energy bills. Not only that, but many types of installation mistakes can put stress on the unit leading to frequent breakdowns. Contact an HVAC repair service Fairfax for fixing your AC installation problems.

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