How Can I Make My Wedding More Interactive?

Boring weddings are no fun and you can probably recall the times you’ve gone to one where you were yawning and waiting for it end. So, if your wedding is around the corner and you don’t want it to be a sulky occasion for the guests, then you need to try out these things. Tent rentals can also help you out in this.

Fun Photo Booth

Nothing screams “interactive” like photo booths and group pictures. If you want your wedding to be mingling and fun, you need to up your game with the photo booth. A simple photo booth is fun but you can elevate it a step further, by incorporating technology and classics. You can go for those fun filters and make it wedding-appropriate.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is to give everyone a fair chance to click pictures in the photo booth. There have been more times than anyone cares to admit when all of the guests haven’t even had their photos taken. So, include everyone, because not only is a photo booth esthetic, but it’s a great conversation starter.

Have The Guests Sign Something Cool

To make your guests feel valued and an important part of your wedding, there should be something that guests should sign that you can save. It’s considered a better idea than the traditional guest book.

You can try many things like you can have postcards and let guests sign them and also write a sentence or two. Moreover, there can be a photo frame of the couple where guests can sign on the back or there can be small cardboard pieces or something that can be signed and slotted into the frame. If you or your guests are beach lovers, have a surfboard for the guests to sign.

Wedding-Appropriate Games

Who says you can’t have games at your wedding? It’s not childish at all, rather it’s pretty fun and your guests will have a wonderful time. You can go for wedding-themed games if you want, but nothing beats a good ole card game, bingo, and even treasure hunts. These games are age-versatile and you can have a lot of fun while interacting with the guests. This will make the whole occasion that much better and it’s even more fun when people let loose and toss sophistication to the side.

It’s a wedding and everyone has the right to enjoy this wonderful day while mingling with others. These games are also pretty easy to get a hold of and everyone will get the rules, so now there’s no excuse not to have games on your wedding day. Venues and tent rentals can offer various so have a look at wedding tent rental packages Clarksburg and if games are included ask for them and their costs.

Notes For The Couple

Who doesn’t love a few words of love, admiration, and good luck? Since you and your spouse are just starting on the next chapter of your life, it is heartwarming and appreciative if you let the guests write something on a note for you.

The notes don’t need to be read at the wedding, but they’re a wonderful way to lift your spirits after a tiring day and they will put a smile on your face while keeping the guests entertained and mingled with everyone else. How’s that for interactive?

Post-Wedding Tour

If the wanderlust in you isn’t sated and you still want to keep the wedding going, after it’s done, then a bus tour around the city will entice all of your nerve endings. Getting a bus and touring the city is equal parts fun and interactive.

People have no choice but to give in to the fun and enjoy the ride, literally. You can get a tour bus from anywhere, and they’re not that expensive, so you won’t have to worry about things getting out of budget. You can incorporate as many activities as you want in the bus tour, like dancing, making up riddles, etc.

Grand Exit

You might have heard of a grand entrance, but this tip has everything to do with exiting the venue and ceremony in style. You can either have this activity after the vows or you can do it after the reception has wrapped up.

Regardless, you want to gather the guests around and have them throw dried flower petals for confetti while the couple is walking up the aisle, therefore, making an exit. This is a really fun idea and you don’t see it happen a lot at weddings, so you know it’s going to be unique.

Ditch The Buffet

If you don’t want your guests to sit miles apart while munching on good food, then why not ditch the whole seating arrangement and buffet altogether? You can go for a restaurant-style service and have the guests sit on large table arrangements. This will keep everyone together and it’s also a lot more fun to interact with guests while eating.

Yes, you can’t accommodate all of the guests on a single table, but the gist is that everyone gets to be close in clusters of seats and enjoy good company with even better food. What’s not to love?

Taste-Testing Center

Speaking of food, everyone can get that mid-wedding slump where they just need a nibble to munch on, but not a full-course meal. Well, you can have a taste-testing station for the foods that are going to be on the menu. This is a great way to let the guests get a sneak peek of what they can expect and anyone who needs a little edible pick-me-up, can go over to the station and have a bite to eat.

It’s also a great way for the guests to meet other people and talk to them, instead of staying cooped up at their table.

An Idea Jar

This is a two-for-one. Great for the guests as well as a jar full of date night ideas for you and your spouse after the wedding. You can have the guests write fun ideas for a date night on a piece of paper and toss it in a jar. It’s a small and fun activity that will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

You can even do it on thick popsicle sticks and pen down ideas that way and stick them in the jar. It’s creative, it’s amazing and it’s a great icebreaker for the guests.

Personalized Frames

If you want a piece of your guests to stay with you forever, then you can have a little frame-making station set up at your wedding. This is going to be a field day for everyone’s inner art lover.

The guests can make personalized frames and then stick a picture with you, either something they took at the wedding or an old one and then they can gift it to you as a little memento. It’s such a beautiful gesture and a way for the guests to show their love for you.


These ideas will make your weddings go from buzz-killing to buzz-inducing. You and the guests will love every moment of it. For more ideas, sit down with your wedding planner to plan it out. And if you’re planning your wedding on your own, discuss things with the venue and wedding party rentals Damascus MD.

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