How Do I Stop My Oven From Tripping

People who love to cook delicious food and spend time in the kitchen know the importance of having an oven. However, sometimes the oven may experience some problems such as tripping, which might affect the electricity in the house as well. This can be a frustrating issue but there is no need to panic. Therefore, we are going to look at some potential causes along with some oven repair solutions to help you keep things running smoothly. Let’s begin!

Oven Not Used Frequently

One of the most common reasons contributing to oven tripping is when it has not been used for a long time. As a result, when it runs at a very high temperature all of a sudden, there is a high probability that the oven will trip.

Why does it happen? Because in areas that have a high humidity level, the moisture settles in the heating elements of your oven. However, when you use your oven, its heating elements heat up and form a small gap that’s due to the difference between the holder and the heating element. With that said, the moisture in the environment will turn the white powder in the heating element wet.

Essentially, this powder is designed to be an insulator. However, if the oven has not been used in a long time, this powder turns into a conductor. This leads to the oven being tripped when it is turned on each time, which is known as an earth leakage trip.

Short Circuit In The Oven

Short-circuit is a common cause of a tripping oven. A short circuit takes place when there is a direct flow of electric current to the neutral terminal of the circuit. When this happens, the main circuit trips and may cause a power outage in the entire building as well.

However, when compared to the earth leakage trip, short-circuits are quite rare. If that is the case, you may suspect something broken or faulty in the oven. An oven comprises several different components that utilize electricity to help the unit function.

Components such as the heating element, function selector switch, or foreign objects in the oven might cause the short-circuit. To find out the cause, you will have to call in a professional who performs a thorough inspection of the appliance and helps fix the issue.

Problem With The Oven Power Plug/Wiring

If the previous tips didn’t help solve the issue, you should inspect the oven wiring or power plug for any faults. With time, it is possible that some wire may have become loose or the power plug has accumulated soot, dirt, and dust.

From the naked eye, it might not be possible to determine whether there is an issue with either of these. However, a technician can measure the current even when the oven is off. This should read zero. However, if the instrument says otherwise, it might be that some wire is damaged.

If you have purchased your oven from a another country, check if it comes with terminal blocks. European appliances may be slightly differ from products used in the UK and the US. Therefore, you will need to consult the user’s manual to make sure the links are positioned correctly.

However, if the oven happens to be older, you should check if the oven terminal block is in working condition. They tend to deteriorate with time, which calls for a replacement.

How To Prevent Oven From Tripping?

Even though tripping ovens are a common occurrence in households, but there are some preventive measures that you can undertake to reduce the chances. First is that you should use the oven at least once a week to prevent moisture from building inside the heating element.

This will heat up the heating elements and evaporate any moisture present inside. Even if you do not plan to cook, leave the oven on for a few minutes but do not leave it unattended. Let it run for around 5-10 minutes, which is sufficient to prevent tripping.

Final Word

Inspection of the oven is required to fix this issue which is mostly minor. Make sure that you use your oven regularly and keep it maintained to prevent complicated issues when you need it the most. For complicated issues, contact appliance repair Alexandria services to fix your oven.

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