How To Prevent Your Kitchen Sink From Clogging

Your kitchen sink is one of the most used things in your house, so you want to keep it maintained and out of any trouble. Clogged drains are a huge problem and for some clogs you may need the help of local drain cleaning services. Anyway, here are some tips which will prevent your kitchen sink from clogging.

Drain Guard Is A Necessity

If your kitchen sink drain is an open gaping hole and there is nothing to protect it, then you need to invest in a sink guard. A sink guard is a mesh-like plate which is installed on top of the sinkhole or disposal. It helps to keep the big pieces of garbage out from the sewer and it helps in sieving out unwanted things which can later clog the drain and cause more issues.

Getting a drain guard is a good option because you will be saving yourself from a lot of hassle of getting your drain unblocked in the future.

Don’t Dump Everything In Your Drain

Your kitchen sink is not a dumping ground. Make sure that you develop a habit of not cleaning your leftovers in the sink. Dump them in the garbage bin or recycle them for compost if you are not a fan of wasting leftover foods. These foods can go in your drain and clog the main sewer line and this is a whole nightmare in itself. You will have to contact a plumber or professional to clean your drain out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

No Oil In The Drain

Oil is a huge culprit which can lead to unbelievable drain clogs. Oil can get solidified in the main drain line and it also dirties up the drain. It becomes slick and very dirty and it is a very hard task to clean built-up oil and grease from a drain. Make sure that you never put oil in the drain. This will end up doing a lot more bad than good for you. Try to dispose of the oil in the garbage bin or waste it properly rather than sending it down the sink.

Clean The Drain After Each Load

Every night, when the dishes are done, its best to run a decent amount of cold targeted water in the drain. This will flush out any leftover detergent or gunk that’s in the sink and your sink will have a good 8-to-10-hour rest period before it needs to be used again.

This will ensure that there are no blockages or clogs in the drains if you make a habit of cleaning the drain every night before you go to sleep. This will save you a lot of time which is spent in maintaining and unclogging the drain.

Regular Maintenance

The only thing which will keep your sink running smoothly is regular maintenance. Try to have a plumber come in and check the sink every couple of months. They will clean out the drains and some minuscule clogs on the drain. This maintenance and regular checking will keep your sink in good condition and you will have fewer clogging problems. Also, having a natural drain unclogging solution that you can pour down the drain is also a good thing. You will need to pour some of the solution after a few weeks to open up your drain and have it deemed usable again.

Try Hot Water

If you don’t have a clog clearing solution or if you don’t want to put harsh chemicals down your kitchen sink then you can try using hot water. Hot water is a natural unclogging agent. All you need to do is boil a kettle of water and bring it to boiling point. The water should be extremely hot. Next, drain this boiling water down the drain and let it sit untouched and unused for about 8 to 10 hours. Try to do this at night since this will give the drain sufficient time.

Final Word

There you have it! These tips are easy and a lifesaver when your drain will refuse to cooperate with you. You will find yourself spending less time fixing the drain if you follow these tips. If the problem persists, hire drain contractors Harrison to inspect and solve the issue.

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