Spot On Keratin Treatment Advises You Need

We all have had bad hair days, cursing the innocent mane for not being subservient. Numerous of our friends have vouched for hair treatments that have helped them in overcoming this horrendous chapter in their daily lives. One such vouched for treatment is keratin treatment by hair stylist. If you have not heard of it yet, then you are in the right place. Hop in, and we will discover together.

What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a protein found in our hair and nails that is responsible for their health. You might be wondering if the protein is already present, why we need to add more. The answer to this is that harsh chemicals, hair irons, pollution, and extreme temperatures wreak havoc with the hair, causing them to lose keratin over time. The treatments are undertaken for restoring the lost protein and allowing it to absorb in the pores or follicles of your hair and nails.

How Do I Assess If A Keratin Treatment Is For Me Or Not?

If you have extremely wavy and frizzy hair, then this one is for you because keratin is known to ease even the wildest curls. Also, if you are someone who heat-styles hair on a regular basis, then you can jump right in for it.

Keratin Treatment Method

  1. First things first. Your stylist will wash your hair. No treatment will ever surface with good results in a dirty head.
  2. Secondly, he will either blow dry your hair or proceed with wet hair to apply the keratin treatment.
  3. In the next step, a brush is used to spread the product and a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute it in the pores and strands.
  4. Your hair will need to completely saturate in the product for about half an hour.
  5. Now your stylist will use a titanium flat iron at a low temperature to straighten your hair.

Points To Ponder

  • Stay away from the pool for at least three days after your treatment. Chlorine and saltwater will diminish the results and you don’t want that to happen after spending hundreds in the salon.
  • Don’t tie your hair too as it will lead to permanent creases in your hair.
  • Avoid sulfate shampoos as well.

How Long Does A Keratin Treatment Session Take?

Your stylist can guide you best about the duration keeping in mind your hair’s length, thickness, and the treatment he’s giving you.

Overall it will take you any time between 2 to 4 hours.

Can The Keratin Treatment Be Done At Home?

As the technologies in hair care have reached advancements, most of such treatments can be done at home.

Check the box for ingredients, as many keratin treatments available in the markets are simple silicon and conditioner based. Also read detailed instructions and the aftercare because most keratin treatments call for specialized aftercare with additional directives for washing, conditioning, and styling.

If you are looking for optimum results go to the salon for a professional hand. Home-based treatments usually wash out in a few weeks whereas the salon treatment can last you for more than six months if proper care is taken.

Who Needs To Avoid Keratin Hair Treatments?

Pregnant women. Since there isn’t any scientific evidence to fuel this rhetoric but it’s just to be safe as the formaldehyde doesn’t sit well with people in regular circumstances, rest aside pregnant women.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Keratin Hair Treatments?

Yes, there are. The formaldehyde present in keratin treatments is a known carcinogen, an element notorious for causing cancer.

Visible side effects include a bleeding nose, itchy eyes, and sore throat which have been reported by stylists for since long.

Other side effects include hair breakage. High temperatures by the flat iron can lead to hair becoming dry and brittle. This causes hair breakage in the cays to come.

To avoid the risk, always opt for formaldehyde-free keratin treatments. Hairstylists also suggest not fretting about the formaldehyde fact because you only have them thrice a year. But it is always best to be safe than sorry.

These were some of the most common questions and queries that keratin treatments salons get. Your journey towards a keratin treatment will hopefully be a safer one now. Hypno

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