Who To Call For Chimney Leak

Your chimney is definitely a blessing in the cold winter months but it comes along with myriad of problems in itself. One major problem is a leaking chimney. And if you don’t get a chimney inspection to find the root cause of the issue, you don’t know who to call for fixing the leak. So, let’s find learn the main causes of a leaking chimney.

Why Is Your Chimney Leaking?

Missing Or No Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is the top covering which protects the chimney opening from environmental debris (small leaves, twigs, branches), small animals which take refuge in the warmth of the chimney opening in winters and can also make their nests, and other things which may fly in the chimney.

If there is no chimney cap, then water may also enter inside the chimney and cause leaking in either your roof near the chimney or from the internal chimney walls. A damaged chimney cap also causes water to leak.

Damaged Crown

The crown is the area beneath the chimney cap. It is made of cement and is used to seal the flue liner with the chimney walls so that water does not enter the chimney and causes leaking. Over the years through environmental damage and age, the crown goes through wear and tear which causes it to become cracked causing the water to leak.

Missing Or Broken Bricks

The chimney is made up of bricks. The exposed part of the chimney above the roof is exposed to rain, storm, snow and winds. With time they become weak and porous causing the water to enter the bricks and in between bricks which causes them to become cracked or fall off.

Damaged Flashing

The flashing is made of metal and is a thin strip. The purpose of the strip is to attach the roof to the chimney with an airtight seal. Over the years the metal strip gets de shaped and damaged causing the water to enter the chimney and cause leaking.

Who To Call For The Leak?

Now that you know why your chimney leaks, you need to call someone. Someone obviously who could fix the leak. When your roof is leaking, your first instinct is to call the roofer because you do not know whether the chimney is the cause of the leak or not. But if the chimney is the cause then you will need to call in a chimney repair expert. But what if the external chimney is damaged? Then you will need a brick mason. All these are needed for the repair. Their work might intersect each other but you will need just one person.


If the issue is a damaged flashing, then a roofer is the person you will need to call. The roofer will expertly remove the flashing of your chimney and the roof around it and install a new flashing and counter flashing, then install the roofing again and seal the roof with the chimney and seal it to make it airtight.

Brick Mason Or Chimney Repairer

If the structure of your chimney is damaged or there are missing or cracked bricks, then a brick mason is your go to person. A brick mason is skilled enough to completely take down and rebuild your chimney from scratch or even repair all the broken and damaged bricks. They have all the required equipment to fix and repair your chimney quickly.

Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep will clean your entire chimney internally. They have specialized machines to thoroughly clean the chimney soot and other gas preserves in the chimney. He will thoroughly sweep the chimney, the fireplace, the flue liner, the gas and smoke pipe and the ducts. If there is any issue with the damper and the chimney crown. They repair and fix the crown and damper and stop water leakages.

An annual examination and assessment of your chimney by a chimney expert will be beneficial and also stated by law, as you will be able to know all the issues of your chimney and will know who to call for the concerned repairs. When choosing chimney contractors Bowie for inspection, make sure you are hiring professionals who are skillful in identifying and solving chimney issues.

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