10 Must-Know Party Tent Décor Tips

It’s the perfect time for those outdoor tent parties and get-togethers. Renting the stuff can be easy as you have party and tent rentals but decorating it to look beautiful and unique can be tough. If you’re looking for ways how to dress up your party tent and venue, then these tips are helpful to remember.

The Size Of The Tent

First and foremost, you need to think about the size of the tent that you want for your party. You don’t want it to be super huge, but you don’t want it to be small either. Usually, an 80 ft. by 80 ft., or maximum, 100 ft. by 100 ft. tent is good for a party or get-together.

Tents are usually rented, so you can ask a tent vendor or provider to pick out something for you that’s going to fit all of your guests. When asking for a tent, the vendor will make things easier for you by asking about the number of people you’re inviting. This is going to give a rough idea as to which tent would be perfect for a party with a certain number of people.

Remember, you don’t want to go overboard with just the tent, because that’s going to be on the expensive side of things and you haven’t even scratched the surface of party tips yet, so be smart with your money and plan everything accordingly. That will save you from a lot of trouble.

Do You Want A Theme?

If you’re organizing a birthday party or a dinner party, then you need to think about the theme. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday bash or an adult birthday party, themes are a great way to add an element of personalization to the event and it makes everything that much better.

If you want to go for a specific theme, then you need to select a tent accordingly too, because that’s going to incorporate beautifully in the rest of the décor and you will fall in love with the final results of the party.

Figure Out The Layout

Once the tent is dealt with, you’re going to switch to the next task and that is the overall arrangement of the party inside the tent. This means that you’re going to have to come up with a mental image of where things need to go and what will be the perfect floor plan.

You need to get this important task done too, because that’s going to ensure that your tent doesn’t end up looking like a mess. Planning the layout will make the tent look more organized and there will be a specific plan as to where the seats, tables, buffet setup, etc., will go and where the guests can walk around comfortably.

Dual Functional Things

What could be better than décor? Well, things that serve two or more purposes. These things are going to save a lot of space in the tent and you will get complimentary décor as well.

So, whenever you’re looking for décor props or things that will be scattered around the tent, make sure that you’re looking for dual-purpose things like décor that lights up, fans that are pleasing to the eye and have different temperature settings, and other relevant things.

Avoid Cramping

Speaking of space, your tent is compact in perimeter and it can only fit in so many things along with the guests. So, you better have a plan on how to deal with cramped spaces and things that are just taking up valuable space.

You don’t want the inside of your tent to look like a storage unit, so make sure that you’re not overfilling the tent to the brim and that you have enough space for everything within the tent boundary. This is going to make the place look much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing, so don’t forget this crucial step.

Decorate According To Theme

Now that you have all of the boring stuff out of the way, let’s talk about all things decoration. If you’re choosing a theme for your party, then you better pay attention to the details because you want the theme to shine through your décor.

So, head to the drawing board or go surf the internet for inspiration for your party theme. There are going to be plenty of ideas that you can take inspiration from and try to replicate while adding your twist to it. The whole thing is going to come together beautifully. Then, make sure get the right things from party chair rentals Rockland NY that match the theme you want.

The Outside Needs Love Too

When décor is concerned, there shouldn’t be a single inch of space left out. You can’t expect the inside of the tent to look dazzling and beautiful, but the outside looks boring and oppositely bland. This is why you need to dress the outside of the tent up too.

This is where flags, banners, lights, drapes, and other knick-knacks are going to help you out. Use all of these things and go crazy with the décor even on the outside. This is going to give the guests just arriving to the venue a wonderful sneak peek of what they’re about to see inside.

Use The Perimeter To Your Advantage

This is also something that may not seem like a décor tip, but it sure does help to make things look pretty and organized, and isn’t that what you always want with party décor?

The perimeter of the tent can look very boring and one way to make it pop and let it be functional at the same time is to have the buffet setup, music station, and other unnecessary things on the edge of the tent. In this way, things are going to be organized and these will be out of the way as well, so there will be no unnecessary bumping or stumbling.

Make The Entry Worthwhile

When decorating, you certainly can’t forget about the entryway for the guests, now can you? The entry is going to leave an everlasting impression on the people coming and you know what they say about impressions. The first and the last ones are the most important and influential.

So, don’t be shy with the décor and use balloons, welcome signs, banners, and drapes to give the guests a beautiful and welcoming entry that will leave them in awe. You will love the look it gives to the entire tent and it will be a full-circle moment.

Add In Finishing Touches

We’re almost done with the tent décor and the last thing that’s left is the final touch-up. You can’t forget about balloons, because what’s a party without them?

Also, you can get fairy lights that twinkle from the top of the tent looking like little stars and this is also one of those things that will not only dress up the tent but bathe it in a dazzling light as well. Finally, just do a quick test run to ensure that everything is working properly and you’re ready to get this party started.


With these tips, you’re going to become a pro at party décor regardless of the fact that it has tents or not. And don’t forget to get some tips from party rentals Rockland NY because they have amazing decor ideas.

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