How Do You Delime A Commercial Food Steamer

Commercial food steamers are a great alternative to traditional cooking appliances for cooking various types of foods. Most commonly found in restaurants, these machines use steam to cook food. That said, it is important that these machines are delimed and maintained to prolong their lifespan either by your staff or by a commercial kitchen appliance repair service. So, let’s discuss some important tips to keep your commercial food steamer as good as new.

Step 1

To begin with, unplug the appliance from the main supply and make sure it isn’t hot. If it is, you should give it a few hours to cool down before you can begin with the descaling process. Plus, wear goggles and other protective equipment to reduce the risk of injuries or burns. Keep in mind that the chemicals used for descaling commercial items can be dangerous upon direct contact with the skin.

Step 2

Once the machine has cooled down, you should make sure all the water is drained and follow the instructions manual. Remember, commercial steamers come in different varieties. Even though the descaling or maintaining processes might be the same for many out there but not every time. Therefore, you will have to follow the user’s manual to make sure follow the protocols and do not damage the unit during the process.

Step 3

Following the instruction manual, locate the deliming port and pour the deliming solution into the port. Depending on the hole, you might need a funnel, otherwise, you will simply end up spilling the chemical on the floor and yourself as well. Read the instructions provided on the chemical and mix water if needed. Once the deliming solution is ready and poured, press the deliming button to begin the process or you can wait for the cycle to start itself.

Step 4

Depending on the commercial steamer, it may take a while for the cycle to complete. If your steamer is automatic, it might begin the rinsing cycle once the cycle is done. However, if your machine is not designed to do that automatically, you will need to manually remove or press the necessary buttons to rinse the steamer free of the deliming solution before it can be used again.

How Often Does A Commercial Steamer Need To Be Delimed?

The frequency of the deliming process solely depends on the usage and the type of food being cooked. If the restaurant is serving hundreds of customers at the same time, the deliming frequency will be a lot more as compared to a steamer that is serving a few customers at a time.

Regardless, keep in mind that the deliming process plays a crucial role in the unit’s lifespan. If ignored, the machine will soon begin developing problems and you might need a replacement. There have been several incidents in the past where business owners have ignored the maintenance of their equipment, which led to serious issues down the road. Not only does it put a dent in the budget but also hurts the business.

Can I Delime The Steamer On My Own?

Commercial appliances are relatively different from household appliances in terms of design and functioning. Since commercial equipment is designed to serve numerous customers on a daily basis, they are bound to be a bit complicated. Therefore, if you plan on deliming or descaling the steamer, make sure you are aware of the basics.

The last thing you would want is to damage something expensive and waste time waiting for a technician to fix the steamer. However, if you find the process complicated, you can consult a professional who can perform the task with a lot fewer risks. Plus, the expert will also perform a thorough inspection and identify any potential cracks or damages, fixing them beforehand.


In the end, deliming a commercial steamer is a pretty simple task. Just make sure that you wear safety equipment and follow the instruction manual to be on the safe side. Otherwise, you always have the option of hiring a commercial steam repair Northern VA expert who can thoroughly inspect and maintain the appliance to keep it in optimum working condition for several years to come. Have the phone numbers of a few appliance repair services on your speed dial for quick repairs.

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