Dyed vs Ceramic Car Window Tints

Window tints come in different varieties ranging from affordable prices to expensive ones. Considering the number of auto window tinting options to choose from, vehicle owners often find it difficult to make the right decision. We are going to discuss dyed tints and ceramic window tints to help you pick the right film for your car. Let’s begin!

Difference Between Dyed And Ceramic Car Window Tints

To understand the difference between dyed and ceramic car window tints, you will have to become familiar with the basics. One of the key differences between dyed and ceramic car window tints is the material they are made of. While dyed window films are made using dye, polyethylene, and other types of UV blockers, ceramic window tints on the other hand are made using particles of titanium nitride and film.

This means that ceramic window tints offer much better quality and will last several years before needing replacement. However, these tints are also comparatively expensive, which means they might not be within the reach of everyone.

Dyed window films do a pretty good job in terms of offering privacy and blocking UV rays but will need replacement after a year or so. Even though these tints are comparatively cheaper but far behind when it comes to quality and technology than ceramic window tints.


As mentioned earlier, dyed window films use dye as color. As a result, the color starts to fade over a period of time. However, that does not happen with ceramic window tints. Ceramic window tints will remain dark and maintain their color regardless of being exposed to external factors.


Dyed window tints can sometimes be dangerous as they create a mirror-like reflection. As a result, the incoming traffic might not be able to see your car, which can lead to serious accidents. Furthermore, it can also distract the drivers.

Meanwhile, ceramic window tints are not reflective. They do not make your vehicle appear like a mirror. Therefore, vehicle owners get the best of both worlds in terms of privacy and sleek appearance of the vehicle.

Interference With Signals

Some dyed tints have small metal particles in them. You will not be able to see them while looking at the windows but will interfere with signals produced by your radio, phone, and GPS system. Back in the day, there had been several complaints by vehicle owners regarding signal interference. It does not always happen but can be irritating.

When compared to that, ceramic window tints have absolutely no problem with signals. In fact, they keep the signals strong and stable without letting the particles influence them. That said, you won’t experience any trouble using your signal-producing devices having ceramic window tints installed.

How To Choose The Right Window Tint For Your Vehicle?

When it comes to choosing the right window tint for your car, you will need to consider a few factors. To begin with, decide whether you prefer the reflective look or sleek appearance of your vehicle. Dyed window films will offer a mirror effect while ceramic tints keep the car relatively less inconspicuous.

The next important factor relates to your budget. Ceramic window tints are expensive, while dyed window tints are affordable to many. Therefore, the decision also rests on the fact that how much you are willing to pay for the tints.

And finally, comes the purpose. If you have a medical condition or an expensive vehicle that needs protection, you should opt for ceramic window film. But if you want to keep it affordable and private, you should opt for dyed window films.

Remember, if your final decision is to get ceramic window tints installed, make sure that you choose a verified dealer and installer. The lifespan of ceramic window tints primarily lies in the installation technique. A shoddy job will force you to replace the tints in a few years, whereas a professional will guarantee that the tints will last at least a decade.

Final Word

Choosing between dyed and ceramic window tints isn’t that complicated. You should keep factors such as the budget, purpose, and preferences in mind to pick the right option. If you still find it confusing, go to window tint shops Springfield to see the options and get more guidance.

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