10 Ways To Make Your Corporate Event Special

Corporate events can be quite monotonous and boring at times. If an event is fun and engaging, then people would enjoy it a lot and remember it for years as well. For this, you need a good team and corporate tents rental. Here are things that you can do to make your event look more appealing and memorable.

Include A Workshop

Why not have an event and a workshop in one sitting? Workshops are actually pretty valuable for a lot of people and if you can offer the attendees a free workshop on attending the event, then that’s even better. It doesn’t take much to plan a workshop and it’s going to be super informative and entertaining for the attendees.

All you have to do is market the workshop right, to ensure that people are interested in attending it. This is going to make your event more successful and people will have fun.

A Networking Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are not only for birthday and wedding parties anymore. You can make a scavenger hunt for your guests, but make sure to base it off according to your event or the specific product that’s coming out.

This is going to be a fun and entertaining experience, where the guests can unravel clues and find out more information about the service or product your company is coming out with. This is a much better way of marketing your product and having the guests enjoy themselves at the event. It’s a peculiar thing, but it will only make people remember it more.

Make A Product Film

This is a really fun way of showcasing a certain product or service at your event and getting good PR. For this, you will need to do some background work. If you’re coming out with a new product, service, or software, then why not let the guests try it out and review it for your event?

You can compile virtual reviews of actual people using the product and show it as a film at your event. This is going to help with the legitimacy of the product or service and it’s also a good marketing tactic.

Incorporate Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a great thing to consider adding to your event. This nifty tool can be very useful in ways you can’t even realize and the best part is that it’s super fun to use. You can have a product launch through VR and have the guests experience something which is thrilling and informative at the same time.

VR is not something that’s used in events a lot, so your event will definitely stand out if you do decide to use it.

Add Some Entertainment

Corporate events can be really boring and that’s a fact. If you don’t want your event to fit in the same box, then it’s time to spice things up. It’s not a bad idea to incorporate music and different adult games in the event. Rather, it’s a nice way to get people to mingle and they will have a good time.

You want to find the perfect balance of fun and professionalism because you don’t want the whole purpose of the event to be ruined, but you also don’t want the guests to die from boredom.

The Grand Entrance

First impressions are everything, especially in a corporate event. If you want the guests and attendees to remember your event as the best thing that they have ever attended, then it’s time for a grand gesture. The entrance of most events is a hit or miss. So, get ideas from tent rentals Clarksburg to make sure that the entrance is not boring at all.

You can have performers at the entrance, which will greet the guests in their own interesting ways. You can also have people serving refreshments right at the entrance and that’s a great way to get the attention of people and make them anticipate what’s to come next.

Adult Arcade Hangout

Arcades are a fun way to express yourself and have fun in a corporate event. Arcades have come a long way now and there is more to them, than just boring games. There are fun VR and tech-based games which are popular among kids and adults alike. If your event is tech-based, then this activity is perfect for your event, in order to make it memorable amongst the guests.

Other than these games, there is also bowling, skating, and food, which is always a winner and a great way to engage with attendees that you don’t know.

Arcades are also less business oriented and you don’t need to be prim and proper in order to attend these events. This gives the guests a chance to be casual with one another and it’s going to be an overall fun time.

Let The Guests Express Themselves

Poetry is another great thing to incorporate into your events. Think of it as an open mic session, but for people who are obsessed with poetry and short stories. This can turn into a good introduction session among people and everyone can express their creativity or their life story in a poetic way or even in the form of a short story.

This is also another way to make your event look less business-skewed and it relaxes the guests because the overall environment is chill and relaxed. You can do this session at the beginning of the event, where the guests, attendees, and you can make a short introduction and express your passions in a creative and fun way. This is something a lot of people will remember and it’s a great idea to incorporate things like this because people will look forward to it.

Museum Tours

A fun and exciting way to network in your event is going over history. This doesn’t need to be boring, actually. It can be loads of fun, especially if you do your research right and pick a museum that goes with the theme of your event

If your event is more inclined towards space and technology, then try to look for a space museum or places where exhibitions are being held. This is a great way to tap into the history of your theme and get immersed in useful knowledge, and most of all, it’s fun to take tours of a museum, no matter what your age is.

An Escape Room

Last but not least, if you want to bring out the creative side of your co-workers, then try to arrange an event with an escape room. This is so much fun, especially if you can solve the “clues” and manage to get out of it. Have a bunch of people trapped in an escape room and see if they have what it takes to get out of it.

To make it even more thrilling and fun, you can add a time restriction and that’s going to take an interesting and entertaining turn in your event.


These event planning tips will help you in the long run. They will not only make your event more entertaining but the core and essence of the purpose won’t be lost either. Discuss more with party rentals Northern VA to make sure your event is special.

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