6 Popular Materials Used For Building Patios

There are several materials that local patio builders use which you can choose from to build your patio. Here are some of the best materials that you can opt for to build a great looking patio.


Gravel isn’t a thing that many homeowners think of when they’re going to build a patio. This is because of the reason that people expect their patios to be built with sturdy materials. Using Gravel is actually a great idea if you’re looking to build a great patio. Gravel is very easy to maintain.

Using gravel is the simplest way to make a patio in your property. It should especially be preferred because it is a bit cheaper as compared to the other materials. The drainage of a gravel patio is great, so you won’t have to worry about managing accumulated water after a rainfall. Also, gravel chokes all the weeds and prevents them from growing.


Concrete is literally the most affordable way of making a patio in your property. Gravel is usually nearly as cheap as concrete. Concrete patio is usually preferred because it lasts for a long period of time as compared to gravel. It might also be a bit easier to maintain as compared to gravel.

If taken care of properly, the concrete patio will serve you for many years. You’ll have to especially worry about the susceptibility of concrete to freezing. Cold temperature can cause the concrete structure to weaken over time. So, you’ll have to properly maintain the patio in the cold climate. You can decorate the patio by adding some decorative tiles on top of the concrete.

Clay Bricks

Clay bricks can be used to make your patio visually attractive. The classic look of clay bricks is unmatched, and it’ll make your patio look awesome. Having bricks to create your patio is really a great luxury to have that makes you go back in time to enjoy the classic look of your brick patio when enjoying outside. Remember that clay brick patio can be a bit expensive as compared to the other materials, but the look it’ll give you will be well worth your money.

As mentioned, you should be prepared to spend a bit more money when choosing the clay brick option, so, you better make a good budget for this project. Reclaimed bricks can be environmentally friendly, but it will add more money to the project.

Installing clay bricks should be an easy task, and you can use mortar to install them.


Tiles are also a popular option chosen by the people who want to make patios. The aesthetic value, and the ease of cleaning that tiles can provide you with is unbeatable. Tiles have many functions and qualities that make them a good option. Usually, tiles are installed by first using another material as their base. You can use concrete slabs in the bottom if you want to get the project done within your budget.

Tiles have many design options that you can choose from, and you can also make different styles by placing them in unique ways.

Cut Stone

People looking for stone tiles prefer cut stone as their go to option. These tiles are basically stones that are cut into random shapes. You can easily assemble these stone tiles to make an awesome patio. You can even install these tiles by yourself.

One of the best things about this type of patios is that you can choose from many different types of stones to install, and no patio resembles any other one due to the random design of the cut tiles. Depending on your budget, you can select from marble, sandstone, or any other option that comes under your budget range.


Just like gravel, sand is another great loose patio material that you can use. In fact, sand and gravel are rival options for most of the homeowners, and they are left to choose one of these two options. A good thing about sand is that it is very easily available, and is fairly cheap. You can just pour the sand in the required area and balance it out to create a good patio surface in your property.

You should also ask your patio contractor Long Island about which material is long lasting and better for your personal requirements.

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