How To Fix A Washing Machine That’s Vibrating Excessively

Washing machines are designed to remove dirt and dust from clothes via an effortless and smooth washing process. In addition to making a particular sound, washing machines hardly shake or highlight any extreme signs that call for concern. However, sometimes washing machines can act weird and vibrate excessively as well. Although you should call in an appliance repair technician, we have got some tips for you to help sort out the situation. Let’s discuss!

Make Sure The Loads Are Balanced

Most homeowners are not aware of the fact that washing machines need to be balanced properly before they can be used. This means that you should avoid putting in heavy clothing items at the same time or wash them separately. There is no universal principle as to how much the machine should weigh before the washing process starts but make sure items like bedspreads are spread out over the top-loader washer.

However, if the items are not large enough to spread around, you should use equally more bulky items and place them on the opposite sides to balance the machine.

Check If The Machine And Floor Are Levels

Another factor that goes unnoticed is if the floor is not at the same level as the machine. Keep in mind that a washing machine installed on an unleveled floor is most likely to cause vibrations since the weight distribution is not equal. This means that you should make sure the floor is level and the machine is not tilting to any side to prevent vibration.

Washing machines do not need perfectly leveled surfaces. Even though these machines are designed to handle a bit of unequal weight distribution but you should still opt for a leveled surface.

Ensure The Floor Is Sturdy

If you notice that your machine is vibrating excessively, you might need to check the floor for sturdiness. If your house is relatively old, it might be that the floor has loosened its sturdiness over the years. Try walking over it and noticing if it shakes. In this case, the machine is not the culprit but the floor itself.

If you have a passage to a basement or crawl space underneath the washing machine, you might want to add floor support. Plus, try spreading the load of the machine over a larger area as well. If that does not work out, you should contact a licensed professional to help fix the shaky floor.

Purchase Washing Machine Vibration Pads

Perhaps the best way to resolve a vibrating issue with a washing machine is by purchasing vibration pads. Not only do these pads help reduce the vibration but also lessen the noise produced as a result. Just make sure that the vibration pads you purchase are high-quality and fit the washer feet. Otherwise, the pads will struggle to contain the vibration and you can’t blame them.

Check The Pump Filter For Clogging

In addition to the possibility of the machine being placed on an unleveled floor and putting in bulky items, pump filters if clogged can also cause vibration. The filter is designed and installed to catch foreign objects like buttons and coins etc. Therefore, if a hard item were to get stuck inside, the machine can shake and vibrate.

The pump filter is usually installed at the bottom right-hand corner of the machine. To check the pump filter, you will have to first remove the cover to expose the filter. If you have a newer washing machine, you should look for a small hose behind the cover, which helps drain the water inside the filter. Make sure that you place a bucket or some towels to prevent water from spreading on the floor.

If you spot a hose, pull it out and wait for the water to run out. Then, you should remove the air filter and check if it is clogged. Remove any dirt, debris or items stuck. Furthermore, you should also check the filter cavity for any hard items to be stuck. Re-install the filter and try using the washing machine to see if the vibration has been eliminated.

Final Word

Concluding, fixing a vibrating washing machine should not be a complicated issue. You should check the level of the floor and follow the tips mentioned above to keep it from shaking. However, if the problem persists, contact a washer repair Alexandria expert.

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